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How to speak ENGLISH fluently in 1 Week.

How to speak ENGLISH fluently in 1 Week.

+70 Secret tips to learn Vocabulary ans speak Great ENGLISH !

Now you may be thinking that learning English in 1 week is impossible…but with some hard work and practice, you can.

This guide is your bible to learning how to speak and understand “basic” phrases so that you can carry out a conversation.

This guide will not make you sufficient in every area of the English language- This takes a lot of practice. But if you follow the exercises contained within this book, you will be on your way to basic fluency!

This is a beginner’s guide, and is not meant to teach you advanced conversational

the big chapters in the book are:

Chapter 1: How to Speak English Fluently
Chapter 2: Ways to Leverage Your English Listening Habits
Chapter 3: Easy Methods for Improving English Reading Skills
Chapter 4: Simple Techniques for Memorizing Extensive Vocabulary, Phrases and Idioms
Chapter 5: Some Quick Steps to Learn English Grammar
Chapter 6: Most Used English Vocabulary Imperative to Learn
Chapter 7: English Writing - Improvement Tricks and Tips
Chapter 8: The hidden secrets that will help you learn English in a weekend
Chapter 9: Common Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners
Chapter 10: SECRET BONUS - 50 Most Commonly Used English Words



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